AJCE Multi-Processors can be equipped with a wide selection of interchangeable jaws by our exclusive quick jaw change system in short time. With one common housing and properly selected sets of jaws a contractor can achieve exceptional flexibility with minimum investment, accomplishing most tasks encountered on a demolition job.


- Primary and secondary demolition

- Rebar and concrete separation

- Heavily reinforced concrete

- Thick concrete demolition

- Concrete demolition, with and without rebar

- Demolition of steel structure

- Processing scrap metal to required sizes


- The various jaws can be quickly installed or changed due to our exclusive quick jaw change system.

- Large-Boar Reversed Cylinder provides exceptional cutting and crushing force.

- A Unique Speed Valve improves cycle time by up to 35% compared to standard hydraulic system

- The units are fabricated with high strength and wear resistant steel, providing longer life and durability

- Replaceable teeth and cutting Blades eliminate the need to build up and hard face and are fast and easy to change in the field,
resulting in 15% more production time.